Must-Have Accessories

It is recommended to use an Air Draft Device along with Efficient Ventilation when painting indoors.

Air Draft Device

This device can be connected with an exhaust fan to provide aerodynamic power for the booth. Improve the air circulation speed and reduce the residence time of overspray inside the booth. When the booth is used indoors, the device is connected with an extraction fan and an explosion-proof pipe, which can lead the discharged gas to the outside and protect the indoor air health. (Patented products, counterfeiting must be investigated)

Efficient Ventilation and Filtration

The powerful 520W/12inches axial fan, 3350RPM High Velocity and 4140m³/h Strong Wind, allows for quick and efficient ventilation and air filtration, ensuring fresh and clean air circulation. Comes with a 33ft PVC flexible ducting hose with steel support coilsthat allows for flexible routing of airflow.It can be configured to accommodate various voltage standards used in different countries, such as British, American, and European standards.

Double-layer Replacement Filters

The GORILLASPRO inflatable spray booth is equipped with activated carbon cotton and double-layer EPA replacement filters, which can filter out toxic gases generated during the spraying process and adsorb the residence time of the spraying material in the spray booth during the spraying process. At the same time, pollutants are discharged outdoors to maintain indoor air cleanliness, and the emitted exhaust gas is filtered again to avoid air pollution.

Real-Life Experiences with GORILLASPRO Inflatable Paint Booths

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30 mm




Multiple Uses Outdoors & Indoors

Outdoor Use

This device perfectly matches all sizes of the GORILLASPRO booth and can be pasted on the filters on both sides of the GORILLASPRO booth. When the booth is used outdoors, the exhaust fan can be connected through this device to provide aerodynamic power for the booth. Improve the air circulation speed of the spray tent and reduce the residence time of the over spray inside the booth.

Indoor use

When the booth is used indoors, the device is connected with an extraction fan and an explosion-proof pipe, which can quickly suck out the overspray inside the booth and reduce the residence time of the overspray. At the same time, the discharged gas is led to the outside to keep the air in the indoor space clean. Avoid the situation that over spray fills the room, causing over spray to pollute indoor articles.

Technique & Materials

A strong protection for spray painting

Air Flow Structure

Our air flow structure typically includes a system of filters, and ductwork that work together to create a controlled environment for spraying. The ductwork draws in fresh air from outside the booth and pass it through filters to remove any contaminants, such as dust or debris. The filtered air is then directed into the booth in a specific pattern, usually from the ceiling down to the floor.

Innovative Aerodynamic Design

GORILLASPRO booth adopts a more scientific design, and the fresh air is poured into the booth through an independent air inlet blue pipe. Maintain a reasonable air pressure difference between the inside and outside of the booth, realize rapid air exchange, improve the filtration efficiency, and save the cost of replacing the filter.

Multi-layer Filters

All GORILLASPRO booths adopt real multi-layer filters (EPA registered filter + activated carbon filter) to absorb overspray and peculiar smell to the greatest extent, so as to ensure that the discharged gas does not pollute the environment.

Technique & Materials

Brightness, spaciousness, reliability are born in this way.

210D White Oxford Fabric

Lightweight, durable, and water-resistant material for inflatable paint booths. Its high-density weave resists tearing and punctures, and its white color provides optimal lighting conditions. Easy to clean and maintain.

Double Needle Sewing

Two needles are used to create parallel rows of stitches that interlock with each other. A strong and durable seam that resists stress and tension, ensuring the longevity and stability of the paint booth.

A New Accessory: Overspray Diversion Suction Device