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Best Fabric Material

Mechanized cutting ensures smooth, precise booth shape without splicing or exposed seams. Sewinfla's double-stitched structures use high-quality, strong PVC-Coated 210D oxford fabric for durability.

Normal PU Coating

Sewinfla PVC Coating


Air Flow Structure

Our air flow structure typically includes a system of filters, and ductwork that work together to create a controlled environment for spraying. The ductwork draws in fresh air from outside the booth and pass it through filters to remove any contaminants, such as dust or debris. The filtered air is then directed into the booth in a specific pattern, usually from the ceiling down to the floor.

Lean Manufacturing

Sewinfla's double-stitched structures use high-quality, strong PU-coated 210D oxford fabric for durability.

Efficient Filtration

Equipped with activated carbon, glass fiber, primary effect, and EPA honeycomb filters to effectively filter paint particles and odor.

Special Custom Zippers

Durable metal D-shaped rings for fastening. Double-headed, plus-sized zippers to prevent damage and breakage.

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Multiple Uses

Sewinfla inflatable spray booth has a variety of uses. It is not only applicable to all kinds of daily furniture painting, automobile and parts painting, small aircraft model painting and self-made model painting, but also a dust-free space for automobile beauty, temporary parking garage and so on.

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Discover the ultimate solution for all your painting and car maintenance needs with Sewinfla! Thousands of customers like Sewinfla inflatable paint booth. We are look forward to offering best products for spray painting enthusiastics. Join the many satisfied customers who love Sewinfla and transform your painting and car maintenance experience today!

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Awesome booth!

Booth works great. Very well designed and thought out and put together. The sleeve that allows fresh air to be blown into the booth is a little flimsy compared to the other 2. It tends to collapse more than the other 2 sleeves that keep the booth blown up. Other than that, its great.

Great dust protection!

We are using this more as a dust containment tent instead of a paint booth. I have it set up inside my building and have been doing tremendous amounts of cuts in the tent along with a dust collection system. It has kept the dust contain from getting into the rest of the shop.


It has stood the test of time and is loved by many users for its efficiency, quality and dependability. The booth is very easy to set up and offers unmatched convenience as compared to others.


The product itself holds no flaw at all. From quality to every feature, you will be able to see perfection. The Sewinfla inflatable painting booth is one of the best options available out there in the market.


Today, you can have your own infatable spray booth at home.