Why choose us?

Durable designs, updated looks,
and features that keep painting work fun.


When after repeated use of filters, in order to achieve better filtering effect, you only need to buy and replace the filter regularly, and not to order a new booth.


All of WARSUN's booths filter Windows is oversized and equipped with high quality filters, so that the sundries caused by painting can be absorbed in larger area to better achieve air exchange and keep ventilation, workplace environment fresh.


One blower to inflate the booth, while the other keeps the air circulating and makes the environment clean and safe. The paint booth sets up in minutes.


The booth can match two sets of WARSUN brand paint booth exhaust devices for indoor(NEED TO BUY SEPARATELY) . An efficient filter box inside the device allows the booth to emit less exhaust and minimize pollution.

A better protection for spraying

Away from dust, odor, and
bring healthy and safe gas environment.

Filtration & Ventilation Systems

Filtered air is directed into the booth from the ceiling down to the floor, maintaining a clean and controlled environment that prevents contaminants from compromising the finished product. With a laminar flow of filtered air, the system also prevents any contaminants introduced during spraying from settling on the product.

Multi-Layer Filters

WARSUN booths use real multi-layer filters that include both an EPA registered filter and activated carbon filter. These filters effectively absorb overspray and remove any peculiar smells associated with spraying, preventing harm to the environment.

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