GORILLASPRO 2024 Inflatable Paint Booth Mini Air Draft Connecting Device for(Patent Applied) Excluding Inflatable Spray Booth,PVC expansion pipes and ventilation fan exhaust fans ProV2

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  • 【Efficient Ventilation Solution】GORILLASPRO's Mini Air Draft Device is a crucial addition for indoor paint booth use, effectively extracting fumes to maintain a clean working environment.⚠️Just applicable to GORILLASPRO 2024 Upgrade Inflatable Paint Booth (ProV2)
  • 【Exclusive Compatibility Assurance】Meticulously crafted for GORILLASPRO 2024 Upgrade Inflatable Paint Booths (ProV2) , this device seamlessly integrates with the front door filtration system, ensuring optimal compatibility.
  • 【Ordering Streamlined Process】For a smooth ordering process, provide proof of your GORILLASPRO 2024 Upgrade Inflatable Paint Booths (ProV2) purchase when placing an order. Safety measures dictate that orders without proof of ownership cannot be processed.
  • 【Components Included and Customizable】The device includes a sturdy metal structure frame and Vinyl Covering. However, it excludes the exhaust fan and flex duct, allowing customization based on specific requirements.
  • 【Quality Assurance by GORILLASPRO】Count on GORILLASPRO to deliver the most scientific and efficient paint booth ventilation device, emphasizing a commitment to minimizing spray booth emissions. Validate your purchase by providing GORILLASPRO ownership information when placing an order.
  • ⚠️ This mini air draft connetion device just only be fitted to GORILLASPRO 2024 Upgrade Inflatable Paint Booths (ProV2) and can only be installed on the front door Window of the booth.
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