GORILLASPRO Inflatable Paint Booth 16.5x10x8Ft with 950W+480W Blower, Upgrade Air Filter System More Durable Portable Spray Painting Tent

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Superior Filtration System - Our GORILLASPRO booths utilize authentic multi-layer filters (EPA registered filter + activated carbon filter) to effectively capture overspray and eliminate odors, ensuring environmentally friendly gas discharge.

Optimized Design for Space - Simplified isolation room design provides ample construction space, while separate front and rear doors allow for easy access. External dimensions: 16.5x10x8Ft, approximate internal working space: 15.1X7.3X6.9Ft.

Easy to Use and Quick Setup - Inflating the booth takes just 2 minutes, making it extremely convenient to set up. It's also easy to put away after use.

Illuminated and Durable - High-quality 210D white Oxford cloth construction provides a well-lit workspace, while double seam sewing, metal pull rings, and reinforced PVC ensures durability. Night work is facilitated with the option to hang light bulbs.

Versatile Applications - It can be used to spray auto parts, furniture, lamps, crafts, wooden work, etc. Ideal for dust-free workspaces and spray-painting workshops. Note: This Size Booth Cannot Accommodate Cars

Comprehensive Package and Timely Delivery - Package includes Spray booth and 950W+480W blowers. Upgraded accessories package available. Fast Delivery: within 3~7 days

Notice - Please review product details and make the correct size selection to avoid return costs. Keep blowers running while working. Counterfeit products will be investigated due to our patented designs.


  • Premium tough quality
  • Large space with bright and strong filtration
  • Fast and secure delivery
  • 30 days free return for quality problems
  • Provide one-to-one customized
  • Constructed from sturdy and dirt-resistant 210D Oxford fabric and PVC material, the inflatable paint booth offers a spacious interior equipped with a filtration windows system, making it the perfect option for automobile painting, machinery repairs, and more.
  • Oxford Cloth & PVC
  • Bright & Capacious Space
  • Efficient Air Filtration
  • Outstanding Features


Brighter Than Ever

Made of white Oxford cloth with better light transmission. Large PVC transparent windows provide a bright environment for painting work, allowing you to see all the details.

Double Needle Sewing

A strong and durable seam that resists stress and tension, ensuring the longevity and stability of the paint booth.

Efficient Airflow

The clean airflow from top to bottom transfers the paint particles generated during painting construction to the filters on both sides of the booth and discharges them.

Professional Design

The powerful blower sends fresh air into a separate blue intake duct, which is litered and enters the interior of the booth from the top air inlet.

Special Custom Zippers

Durable metal D-shaped rings for fastening. Double-headed, plus-sized zippers to prevent damage and breakage.

Wide Applications

Diverse applications, including furniture, automobile, parts, small aircraft, and model painting, as well as serving as a dust-free space for car maintenance, temporary parking garage, etc.

Special Accessory

When using the booth indoors, please install a special suction device for the GORILLASPRO booth. Connecting the device with the extraction fan and explosion-proof pipe can quickly suck out the overspray and reduce the residence time of the overspray in the booth.

The device has a built-in filter box, which can filter the discharged waste gas again to avoid air pollution.

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Special Accessory

When using the booth indoors, please install a special suction device for the GORILLASPRO booth. Connecting the device with the extraction fan and explosion-proof pipe can quickly suck out the overspray and reduce the residence time of the overspray in the booth.

The device has a built-in filter box, which can filter the discharged waste gas again to avoid air pollution.

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Great seller and awesome product!

We have been using this product for 2 years now and love it! Fits perfectly in our shop with the ability to pack back up and put in storage. Have been able to achieve consistent results! Great seller, highly recommended!

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Excellent Value and Works well

I am building an Experimental Airplane and I have a lot of parts I need to paint. I looked at every booth I could find and finally decided to go with GORILLASPRO. They seem to get the best reviews and they have good customer support.

The booth is super easy to set up. Roll it out, connect the fan and turn it on. It will crawl to life in a few minutes. The structure is sturdy as long as the fan is on. I am using the booth inside of a hangar so I don't have to worry about weather. It is not waterproof and it is lightweight. If it were outside the unit would need to be connected to the ground with steaks. And it must be pulled in before it gets wet. I would not recommend leaving it outside overnight. Due could damage the fabric and stitching.

I bought the 13x10x8Ft booth. It is a lot bigger than the size may indicate. I read a lot of posts about people ordering these booths and finding out they won't fit in their building. I will leave the booth up while I build the plane (at least a year). I didn't want it to take up too much space. For those building a plane, the 13x10x8Ft booth fits perfectly in one of the corners of a typical T-Hangar. Keeps the center and other side open. The length of this booth is not quite long enough to fit my entire fuselage (airplane body) into it. I will probably paint it in two stages and use plastic to extend the booth. I did not want to buy a huge booth that takes up a lot of space to only paint one part of the plane. Every other part fits no problem. I can paint wings one at a time easily. It would be tight to try to fit two wings in the small booth at the same time. A lager booth would be required.

The main issue with an inflatable booth is that they must have the fan running at all times. When the fan is turned off the booth collapses quickly. Parts need time to dry and the fans are loud and cannot be ran indefinitely. I believe they will turn off after 8 hours of continuous use. Following the lead of others, I built an internal PVC frame that holds the structure up when the fan is off. It also provides a nice frame to hang parts from when painting. I used 2" PVC pipe to build my frame. I wanted something more ridged. 1" pipe would not be strong enough to hold parts. I found 2" works perfectly. Plenty of headroom and it doesn't take up any space in the booth.

I found decorative corner and some other unusual shaped PVC fittings on Amazon that are perfect. I started in the back by the person door with the bottom and two end fittings (3-way). Then the risers up to where the first bend in the tube is. For those looking to build one, the tube bend angles at the top of the booth are set at 45 degrees. I then installed 45 degree PVC connectors. Made a short piece of straight pipe to complete the angle. Installed another 45 degree connector and a pvc tube that hits about the middle of the booth. Then I installed a decorative fitting in the middle that will be used to tie each riser tube together to create a stronger structure as well as give me something to hang parts on. The outside tubes used 3-way fittings that have a 90 degree in the center. The tubes in the middle were 4-way fittings. See the links below.

It sounds complicated to build the internal structure, but it is actually easy. The main thing to keep in mind is that every tube should be cut at the exact same length. Cutting by eye or quickly will end up having the frame not square. A parameter frame at the bottom is also required to create a strong rigid structure. I used a miter saw and installed a stop so I could ensure that similar pieces were the exact same length. If you have a piece on one side you need it on the other. Cut them both at the same time. One could use a hack saw or a hand held circular saw, but there are a lot of cuts. Using a miter saw makes the assembly process go fast and they cut with precision.

Parts I used:
- 2" 3-way Elbow: https://amzn.to/3t3QCD9
- 2" Cross Elbow: https://amzn.to/47DUVnO
- 2" 45 Degree Elbow: https://amzn.to/47AphYa
- 2" 3 Way 2" PVC Tee: https://amzn.to/46MVnyx
- DEWALT Miter Saw: https://amzn.to/3uHA1pb
** I purchased the 2" PVC pipe from a local builder supply. They were too long and bulky to ship.

I am spraying aviation primers and paint that is messy, explosive and generally not safe to be around. The positive pressure inside of the booth does a decent job forcing over spray toward the filters; however, it is not perfect. There are leaks in seams. Over spray will try to exit though places where the booth is stitched together. It is easy to see where the over spray lands after painting a few times in the booth. It isn't a big deal for me, but something to be aware of if you are trying to paint indoors without good ventilation in the building. Paint and primer molecules seem to be too big to fit all the way though. Color does not escape the booth. The surrounding area in my hangar is clean after painting tons of times.

I did find that overspray will d...

mike gibson

So far so good, I like it

Swamp Boys Garage
Very high quality

We have been shopping for an inflatable paint tent for a long time. We finally decided on the Gorillas pro and we are very happy. It is super high quality. Allows a lot on natural light. Has a filtration system which is very important for us because we paint in the driveway and have to be careful not to get overspray on other cars or neighbors homes. This tent even has an emergency escape window which I thought was a great feature I never thought about.

The product and the company is good I would
Good company and product

The booth was way to set up the company sands behind there product!

Pleasantly surprised

This was my first venture with a spray booth. I was looking for something that was collapsible, easily stored, and, of course, functional. So far, the GorrillasPro has met all my expectations. I purchased the optional venting system to help evacuate overspray. This also works great! Overall, very impressed. My only "beef" is that set up and take down take about 2 hours round trip but, considering other options, this is probably comparable with alternatives.