Gorillaspro 2024 Upgrade Inflatable Paint Booth 14x9x8ft With Detection Of Paint Blue And White Strips Inflatable Spray Booth Upgrade Air Filter System Environment For Car Parts

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  • Newly Designed: The top of this inflatable paint booth features a striped design in blue and white. This design, enhanced by sunlight, utilizes the refraction of two types of light and shadow.This design is specifically designed for use in hail dent and is a mobile dent repair.Utility Patent Number:2023222001538
  • Oxford cloth and PVC: GORILLASPRO Portable spray booth uses a combination of thickening 201D Oxford cloth with PU coating and 4mm PVC material to provide excellent durability and dust resistance. Exterior dimensions 14x9x8FT, spacious interior workspace 11.4x6.4x6FT.(This size paint booth cannot fit into the car and can only be used for automotive parts)
  • UL Certified Blowers:This blow up paint booth Equipped with 480W+370W blower,One blower inflates quickly, while the other introduces airflow directly through the activated carbon exhaust to optimize air exchange. An additional ventilation blower tube is available for an optional extra blower to enhance air circulation.
  • Double-layer Filtration Windows:2024 GORILLASPRO inflatable spray booth① On top of the EPA filters on both sides, ② double-layer filters are added to the door, ③ with a Mini Air Draft Device, which quickly adsorbs harmful gases and ensures efficient spraying.
  • Built to Stand Strong: With sturdy stakes and ropes included, this inflatable spray paint booth can be easily fixed to the ground. Whether you're using it in your garage, driveway, lawn, or even indoors, you can count on our product to stay in place. Upgraded tank zipper and double fabric stitching make the whole tent stable and do not shake during using. NOTE: It is NOT recommended for use in rainy weather.

Automotive paint inspection

This paint booth has been updated with a powerful feature, which is very suitable for repairing hail dents, because under the mapping of blue and white bar lights, you will find no blind spots on the car, which can effectively repair the paint.

Providing gas handling solutions

Front Door Mini Air Draft Device---2024 UpgradePortability:The mini elephant trunk can be moved freely inside the inflatable spray paint booth.Equipped with filter:Helps to effectively filter and clean the air of particles and harmful substances.Can be purchased individually:Can also be customized and configured to suit your specific mobile paint booth and needs.

Double-layer Filtration Windows with EPA Filter cotton

The EPA double-layer filter cotton we provide for the car paint room can effectively filter out overspray and dust generated during adsorption work, whether it is spray painting or hair dent. If you don't have this filter cotton, your paint spraying and car paint repair work will be in vain.

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"We consistently invest in top-quality materials for our automotive paint spray booth products, unwavering in our commitment to delivering the finest user experience to our customers. Excellence in craftsmanship is our standard, ensuring our customers receive nothing but the best."

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