WARSUN Inflatable Paint Booth Mini Exhaust Ventilation Device, Helping Solve Overspray & Environmentally-Friendly

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Overspray Management: When used indoors, this device effectively eliminates fumes from your paint booth and directs them outdoors. Say goodbye to air pressure build-up and hello to a cleaner, safer working environment.

Exclusive Compatibility: Exclusively designed for WARSUN paint booths, this device seamlessly integrates with the booth's filtration system at the front door. To order, simply provide proof of your WARSUN booth purchase.

Modular Design: The device includes a sturdy metal structure frame and a durable Vinyl Covering. Note that it does not include the exhaust fan and flex duct, allowing you to customize your setup to your specific needs.

Enhanced Work Environment: Maintain a comfortable working atmosphere inside the booth, even in confined spaces and during chilly winters. Our Mini Air Draft Device minimizes teardrops of paint, ensuring a smooth painting experience.

Emissions Reduction: At WARSUN, we are dedicated to minimizing spray booth emissions. Our ventilation device embodies this commitment, providing you with a scientific and efficient solution to control emissions.

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