WARSUN Car Cover Hail Protection for Pickup Trucks with Length Between 200"-236'', Anti-Hail Full Cover With Airtight PVC Inner & Air Pump

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Warsun Anti Hail Pickup Truck Cab Protectors Fits Vehicles 200"-236'' In Length. Tailored for trucks like Ford F150, Ford Ranger, Chevrolet Colorado, Toyota Tacoma, Chevrolet Silverado, Dodge Ram 2500, etc.


PATENT NUMBER:ZL 2022 2 3347804.8

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From Hail Marry to Hail-No

No More Hail Dents and Dings

Air-tight PVC inner

Inflatable PVC liner provide an additional layer of cushioning protection that can withstand the weight of heavy objects and is resistant to punctures and tears. It can reduce the impact of gravel, hail and foreign matters on the body and glass in bad weather, and achieve the purpose of protecting the vehicle. As protection car capsule.

Lean manufacturing

  • The surface layer is made of weatherproof, sunscreen and wear-resistant oxford cloth, which is used to protect the body and inflatable inner layer.
  • The inner layer is made of airtight PVC material into lightweight inflatable liner by heat sealing, which is used to protect the car roof area and the glass on both sides.
  • The bottom layer is made of elastic cloth, which can protect your car's paint surface and make the car cover have great tension to tightly clamp the car.

Simply inflate and deflate

Use our proprietary high-speed air pump to inflate the top and sides of the three inflatable inner tanks, so that the three inflatable inner tanks are fully expanded, and finally form a complete inflatable protective cover to completely wrap the vehicle.

Windproof System

Two sides of the car cover are respectively provided with four buckles. The tightening belt can be used to pass through the bottom of the car, and then inserted into the buckles on both sides of the car cover and tightened to firmly fix the car hood to the body. Prevent the car cover from being blown away by the typhoon.

Multiple reflective strips

The top and side of the car cover are designed with multiple widened reflective strips to play a warning role at night parking, so as to avoid collision or scraping with other cars.

Easy to move

When the cover is not in use, fold it and store it in the included storage bag for maximum convenience.

note:After the hail weather is over, please dry the products and put them away in time. Do not store in a humid environment for a long time.

Air-tight PVC inner


Our hail car cover features a genuine PVC airbag in the inner layer, delivering exceptional protection for your vehicle. The unique design of the PVC airbag ensures a snug fit and provides effective cushioning and shielding during hail impacts. Each product undergoes rigorous controls, ensuring outstanding quality and offering the most reliable hail protection for your vehicle. Choose trust, choose superior quality – opt for WARSUN car cover to safeguard your vehicle from hail potential risks.


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Customer Reviews

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Tiffany V Dolby

You get your moneys worth. Thick heavy materials used, very well padded with it on, it fit good, pretty stretchy for as thick as it is.


I am not going to tell you why you need this inflatable car cover, I am going to tell you it is well worth the cost.
This car cover is made of a heavier material than any other car cover I have ever used.
The stitching and seams are perfect, well sewn and clean.
The air chamber material is just as sturdy as the cover and I think you would have a hard, if not impossible time trying to puncture them through regular handling or even a tree branch strike. Hail would have no effect on them at all.
Installation is not bad but is easier with two people.
I feel this cover is well worth the cost and I would buy it again.


This is a very heavy cover.

I have not had to use it yet, but wow it is large and seems very durable. I read the instructions and it seems like it will be easy to use and install. I do hope that I dont have to use it, but if I do, based on what I see my vehicle will be protected.

I would rather pay for this protection then have to deal with insurance companies, deductibles and waiting for parts at dealerships. This is worth not having to deal with all of that.


We recently moved from Southern California (read: barely any rain, hail is pretty much unheard of) to Texas (read: hail is pretty normal). On the very first day we arrived, there was a tornado and large hail. Because we were unpacking everything into the garage, we had no place to park our car to protect it from the hail. Thankfully, there was no damage (a tiny dent in our hood which only we notice) but it did clue us into the fact that we needed a solution if our car wasn't going to be able to be parked in the garage.

I was so happy to find this inflatable hail protector! I didn't even know a think like this existed until I happened upon it. What a fabulous idea!

It's relatively easy to put on the car - just find the big lettering that says "FRONT" and put it on the front. The rest is pretty intuitive. Strap the straps on the bottom so if there's a tornado it won't blow off. Plug it in to blow it up, and you're golden.

Because this is something that requires advance notice of hail and you wouldn't use every day (it'd be too time consuming), you need to be home and available to put it on when you know hail is coming. Thankfully, the weather predictions around here for hail generally give us enough warning to know when to whip out this little lifesaver.


Buy this! I recently went through a tornado with hail and rain. I put this on my car and it protected my car from damage