TKLoop Upland Hunting Vest Pheasant Upland Vest

Sale price$89.99

  1. Versatile design for hunting in any environment
  2. Secure pockets for carrying shells, whistle, and personal items
  3. Blood-proof lining in game pouch for clean transportation of hunted birds
  4. Available in blaze orange for safety and easy visibility
  5. Adjustable sizing for a range of hunters.
颜色: Orange-Grey


Professional hunting vest. No matter where or how you hunt, TKLoop upland hunting vest is a specially designed and equipped bird hunting vest, which can meet your hunting needs and accommodation.It has the versatility required for hunting。It can make your hunting easier and more pleasant. Because we know Get into some bad gear though, and the best hunt ever is still going to be a major pain.

Lightweight Experience

A new level of comfort and convenience to the world of upland hunting. Designed with the needs of the avid hunter in mind, these vests are carefully crafted to enhance mobility, functionality, and overall enjoyment during outdoor adventures.

Double-Stitched Sewing

Two needles are used to create parallel rows of stitches that interlock with each other. A strong and durable seam that resists stress and tension, ensuring the longevity and stability of the paint booth.

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