OZIS Inflatable Paint Booth Replacement Filters (2 Activated Carbon Filters) -This Filter Only Applies to OZIS Paint Booth, No Other Booth

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  • This product package includes 2 activated carbon filters, which can be replaced at the same time on both sides of the inflatable painting booth.
  • The activated carbon filter has good adsorptivity and can effectively remove the paint odor generated by spray painting. The edge of the activated carbon filter is designed with velcro, which can be easily fixed on the booth.
  • When replacing the booth filters, please keep the booth fully inflated, and then start the replacement. After replacement, please install the filter protective cover to prevent the filter from sticking to dust or weeds during booth storage.
  • You can purchase EPA registered filters and use them together with activated carbon filters to obtain better filtering effect. Since there is no Velcro on the edge of the EPA filter and it cannot be fixed separately, please install it inside the activated carbon filter.
  • Note: This filter size is only applicable to OZIS inflatable spray booth, not applicable to other brands of booths. Please do not buy by mistake to avoid unnecessary loss due to mismatch.
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