20Ft Halloween Inflatable Arch with 250W Blower, Hexagon Inflatable Archway for Halloween Outdoor Decoration Perfect for Your Pumpkin Patch Entrance and Halloween Themed Commercial Event

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  • 【Creating a Halloween Ambiance Entrance】Bring the perfect entrance to your outdoor Halloween decor with this 20ft White Inflatable Arch! Immerse yourself in an enchanting and eerie realm. Prepare to elevate your Halloween decor and craft an entrancing ambiance that will captivate all who enter. Perfect for Halloween parties and outdoor decorations.
  • 【Grand 20Ft Inflatable Arch: Easy Setup & Storage】Standing at an impressive 11.5 feet in height and spanning about 20 feet in width, the large dimensions of this arch make an unforgettable statement. Each arch comes complete with an individual 250W air blower for effortless inflation. The accessory package includes wind ropes and ground stakes, ensuring secure anchoring even in windy conditions. Additionally, sandbags are included to provide extra stability. When the festivities come to an end, a convenient storage bag allows you to neatly pack away the arch for future use.
  • 【Stable T-Base & D-Ring Design for Security】The arch features a distinctive T-shaped base, where the dual T-structures on either side enhance its stability, setting it apart from other arches in the market. What's more, both the bottom and top are fitted with metal D-rings, allowing you to attach wind ropes, ground stakes, or sandbags for an extra layer of security and stability. This thoughtful design ensures your arch stands strong and secure in any Halloween setting.
  •  High-Quality Fabric and Durable PVC Reinforcement】Durable Design with PVC Reinforcement: The archway's bottom features PVC reinforcement, ensuring exceptional wear resistance on various surfaces. High-Quality 210D Oxford Fabric: Crafted from premium 210D Oxford fabric, the archway boasts both durability and visual appeal. Precision Double-Stitched: Meticulous double-stitched construction enhances overall durability and longevity. Leak-Preventing Zipper: The Velcro-covered zipper prevents rapid air leakage, maintaining a fully inflated look. These design elements reflect meticulous attention to detail, making the archway a reliable and striking addition to your Halloween decor.
  •  Halloween Decor for Various Occasions】Captivating Halloween Centerpiece: This halloween archway is a match made in Halloween heaven for front entrances, expansive yards, lush lawns, and charming gardens. Its versatility shines indoors and outdoors alike, conjuring a spectral celebration that brings the eerie festivity of the season to life.
    1. Pumpkin Patches and Farms: Whether at a pumpkin patch or farm, this inflatable archway adds a touch of whimsy to the already magical pumpkin-seeking experience. Its eerie charm enhance the atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for family outings.
    2. Shopping Malls and Stores: Bring the spirit of Halloween indoors by placing this archway in shopping malls or stores. Its eye-catching design and vivid glow will captivate shoppers, making their retail experience delightfully haunted.
    3. Halloween Theme Parks: For Halloween theme parks, this archway becomes an essential element of the spooky landscape. It serves as both a welcoming entrance and a captivating photo spot, adding to the overall immersive experience.
    4. Halloween Parties: Hosting a Halloween party? This inflatable archway serves as a fantastic backdrop for photos, creating an unforgettable entrance for your guests. The arch's spooky glow and impressive size instantly set the tone for a hauntingly good time.
    5. Haunted Houses and Attractions: In a haunted house or attraction, this archway becomes a highlight, guiding visitors into the eerie world within. Its ominous charm and vivid skull contribute to the spine-chilling atmosphere.
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Orange-A-Boo Arch

Halloween Inflatable Archway

Product specification

Add a charming and welcoming touch to your Halloween event entrance with our Halloween Archways


22.8 lbs

Package Dimensions

15 x 15 x 11 in


T-shaped foot, More stable

Ozis arch has an innovative leg design of the foot arch, which is more stable than other foot arches. The zipper has a Velcro cover to protect the zipper and prevent air from leaking too fast.

High-quality, Abrasion-resistant

High durability 210D Oxford fabric has better abrasion resistance. All seams are sewn tightly.

Double Stitched

The whole adopts double-stitched inflatable arch shape, which enhances the sewing ability and prolongs the service life.

PVC Bottom

Crafted from high-quality PVC material, this bottom section provides essential stability and support, ensuring that the arch stands tall and remains steadfast throughout its use.

Air Outlet

The air vents are blocked by zippers and Velcro for you to quickly deflate the air at the end of the party event.

Convenient D Ring

Metal D-rings are added at both sides and bottom of the inflatable arch to stabilize the ground.

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