GORILLASPRO Replacement Efficient Activated Carbon Foldaway Mesh Filter for the Exhaust Ventilation Device - Only Applicable to GORILLASPRO Inflatable Paint Booth

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High Efficiency Filtration: The GORILLASPRO Replacement Activated Carbon Foldaway Mesh Filter offers superior filtration performance for your exhaust ventilation device, effectively capturing and eliminating airborne contaminants.

Foldaway Design: The filter features a convenient foldaway design, providing the largest filtering area for airflow. Its filtering area is 5 times larger than that of general flat filters.

Enhanced Air Quality: Experience improved air quality in your workspace with the advanced activated carbon mesh filter, which effectively removes odors and harmful particles, creating a healthier and more comfortable environment

Optimal Dimensions: The filter's dimensions of 484 x 404 x 65MM ensure a proper fit for your GORILLASPRO exhaust ventilation device, maximizing its filtration efficiency and overall performance.

Long-lasting Performance: Constructed with durable materials, this replacement filter is built to last, offering extended service life and cost-effective performance for your exhaust ventilation system.

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