GORILLASPRO Large Double-layer Replacement Filters for the GORILLASPRO Inflatable Paint Booth (2 EPA Register Filters + 2 Activated Carbon Filters) -Only Applies to Customized GORILLASPRO Booth

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Dimension: 51 x 102 inches (Large Size for Customized GORILLASPRO Booth)

Complete Replacement Filter Set: Each set includes 2 EPA advanced Filters and 2 activated carbon filters specifically designed for GORILLASPRO Inflatable Paint Booths. They can replace filters on both sides simultaneously and are compatible with all booth sizes. Please note that these filters are not suitable for use with booths from other brands.

EPA Registered Advanced Filters: Our EPA advanced filters are registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Featuring a unique 3D honeycomb structure, these filters significantly enhance adsorption efficiency. They effectively capture paint particles and impurities generated during the painting process.

Effective Activated Carbon Filtration: The activated carbon filter provides excellent adsorption capabilities, effectively filtering the air for a second time and removing paint-related odors. Designed with Velcro edges, the filters can be easily attached to the booth for optimal functionality.

Easy Filter Replacement: When replacing the filters, ensure the booth is fully inflated and remove the old filters. Position the honeycomb side facing the inside of the booth and the white side facing the outside. Then, install the black activated carbon layer and secure the edges using the Velcro attachments.

Filter Protection and Maintenance: Utilize the filter protective cover when storing the booth to safeguard the filters. Remove the outer protective cover when using the booth for painting.

Note: Regular filter replacement is recommended to ensure the booth's filtering effectiveness.

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