GORILLASPRO Inflatable Paint Booth Pre-Filter (2 Pieces) -Airbrush Spray Booth Filter Set,This Filter Only Applies to GORILLASPRO Booth, No Other Booth

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✅ Versatile Replacement Pre-Filters: This product includes 2 pre-filters suitable for various sizes of Gorillaspro Inflatable Spray Booths. Please note that these pre-filters are not compatible with booths from other brands.

✅ Usage with Activated Carbon Filters: The pre-filters do not have Velcro edges and require use with a black activated carbon filter for proper fixation. When replacing the filter, retain the original activated carbon filters or purchase a new set.

✅ Effective Particle and Dust Filtration: The pre-filters exhibit excellent adsorption capabilities, efficiently filtering paint particles and airborne dust, ensuring a clean and healthy air environment inside the booth.

✅ Easy Installation Procedure: Install the pre-filters inside the activated carbon filter while the booth is upright. Remove the old filter before installation. Secure the pre-filters to the booth using the Velcro on the edges of the black activated carbon filter.

✅ Filter Protection and Maintenance: Use the filter protection cover when storing the booth to safeguard the filters. Remove the outer protective cover during booth painting.

Note: Regular filter replacement is recommended to maintain the booth's filtering effectiveness.
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